The cost of heating and cooling a home typically is the largest expense involved in homeownership outside of the mortgage.  That’s why more and more utilities now offer energy efficiency home building programs, why more homeowners demand energy efficiency when selecting or upgrading a residence, and why more builders are adapting to meet these needs.


Where We Come In

As a team of dedicated building science consultants, Residential Science Resources (RSR) has extensive energy rating, audit, construction, and field experience. To ensure the highest quality of service, RSR partners with seven national utilities across four states, over 200 home builders and remodelers, and 10 Home Energy Rating System (HERS) companies.



For Utilities…

RSR implemented the ENERGY STAR Home program in Minnesota with Xcel Energy in 2005, ultimately surpassing savings goals and building a record number of ENERGY STAR homes. Since then, RSR’s utility partnership has grown to seven national utilities. By working with RSR, utilities achieve the highest degree of data accuracy, rating consistency, and client satisfaction.



For Builders…

Homebuilders, remodelers, and RSR continually work together to demonstrate that their homes are energy efficient and durable, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales. Compliance with state energy codes is simplified for builders with with RSR through utility-sponsored programs.



For Homeowners and Homebuyers…

RSR has consulted on over 50,000 homes across all of its programs, helping homeowners save money on utility bills. Homeowners and homebuyers trust RSR utility-sponsored programs to identify energy saving opportunities and increase the comfort of their homes.



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