Poor indoor air quality in a home can have a significant impact on the health, safety, comfort, and energy costs for your home. Often air quality issues trace back to duct leakage, where untreated and unclean air from attics, additions, and floors is drawn inside the home through leaky ducts. This unintentional leakage may cause air contamination as well as varying temperatures throughout the home leading to higher energy bills. Health and energy-conscious builders use duct leakage tests to determine duct efficiency and mitigate health risks and energy costs.

Under the new 2015 Minnesota Energy Code, a total duct leakage test is required for most builders in Minnesota. This test assesses the tightness of the entire duct system by measuring forced air heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) ductwork. During a total duct leakage test, RSR helps builders and their contractors identify areas where leakage is noted so ducts can be properly sealed to avoid indoor air quality problems.

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