Composed of highly trained and dedicated professionals with a wide range of experience in residential construction, conservation technologies and customer service, the RSR team is uniquely qualified to advise you regarding all of your building science decisions.

Mat-GMat Gates,

Mat Gates (“Mat”) founded Residential Science Resources (RSR) in 2004. As CEO and Owner, Mat leads RSR in the development of energy savings programs for utilities, municipalities. Mat emphasizes the philosophies of teamwork, persistence, and customer satisfaction throughout the RSR organization. Mat holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Residential Building Science & Technology, University of Minnesota. Mat is a Certified Rater and a certified RESNET Quality Assurance Trainer.

As a Building Science Consultant and industry leader, Mat strives to educate professionals and homeowners on home occupant health, safety, comfort, durability, and energy efficiency. In this quest, Mat leads the design and implementation of energy savings programs in four states. His efforts have led to consultation of over 50,000 homes across all programs.

Kyle Finn

Kyle Finn graduated from Drake University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Political Science. After graduation, he worked in accounting for a local HVAC company gaining extensive experience by developing and preserving positive relationships with vendors and customers as well as working with a wide range of financial responsibilities in a demanding environment.

Kyle’s experience with accounting related to the construction industry ensures clear and concise budgets are established and maintained throughout the life of the project. Kyle recently received his Master of Accounting & Financial Management degree and is now a certified CPA with the state of Minnesota.

Michael Resech
Program Manager

Michael Resech received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture from the University of Minnesota. Mike has over twelve years of experience in commercial and residential envelope design, installation, testing, and forensic investigation.

Ryan-MRyan Maas
Executive Assistant

Ryan Maas grew up in central Wisconsin before moving to Minnesota for college where he earned his Associates degree in Applied Science. After college, he served in administrative positions for banking and home appraisal companies, gaining experience in both real estate development and management. More recently, Ryan worked as a high-level assistant to the executive staff of a mortgage company, furthering his experience within the industry by receiving his Mortgage Loan Originator’s license in Minnesota.

With RSR, Ryan is responsible for the day-to-day workflow, boosting efficiency and morale throughout the office, and providing information and assistance where needed.

Erik 2.0Erik Sowers
Quality Assurance Manager

Erik holds a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota, where his work focused on energy and water conservation. His BA was awarded from Bowling Green State University where he majored in American Culture Studies and Environmental Policy.

Erik cut his teeth in the world of residential energy conservation when he began work at the NEC through a conservation corps position. At the end of his term, he was lucky to be hired on as staff and eventually promoted to Senior Crew Leader and took over as resident Spanish speaker at the office. In his time at the NEC Erik worked in almost 1200 homes and helped save an estimated MegaWatt hour of electricity.

Since joining the RSR team Erik has moved from the Energy Modeling department where he was a HERS rater to join the Program Administration team where he assisted with day to day operations of three utility programs in Minnesota. In fall of 2016, he became a RESNET certified Quality Assurance Designee and oversees RESNET Quality Assurance requirements for three companies across two states.

Ryan-MHannah Engelhart
Program Administrator

Hannah holds a Bachelors degree in psychology from Winona State University and is currently a graduate student working on her Master’s in psychology at St. Mary’s University.

Hannah’s communication and organizational skills assure that clients, raters, and management have the information they need and that all pertinent information for energy savings goals is properly and correctly entered and reported.

Linda 2.0Linda Peterson
Program Administrator

Linda Peterson graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from St. Cloud State University and holds a minor in Mathematics.

Previously she focused on air quality improvements, lighting and HVAC and ADA upgrades as a Facilities Manager. She worked closely with contractors and an engineering team during extensive mechanical and building envelope remodeling projects. Linda acquired substantial mechanical upgrade rebates from her commercial utility providers. Her experience with invoicing, accounts payables and receivables are beneficial. Accuracy, efficiency, and positive customer service are key areas she focuses on while assisting utility clients with program participation requirements as they achieve and exceed energy savings goals.

Aaron 2.0

Aaron Hanson
Business Development

Aaron holds an Associate of Arts degree in Accounting from Normandale Community College and has prior experience in residential construction, real estate, and finance, and marketing management. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business & Marketing Education and Minor in Sustainability Studies from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Hanson recently completed a Master’s degree in Science, Technology, & Environmental Policy from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs with a Minor in Law at the University of Minnesota. His studies focused on business sustainability, and the implications energy efficiency has on the advancement of a clean energy economy. At RSR his focus is on improving energy efficiency programs for utilities and builders to be more effective and mutually beneficial.