Transforming the homebuilding industry requires the cooperation of many efficiency focused organizations. Over the years, RSR has built strong relationships with many organizations that share RSR’s commitment to high-performing and energy efficient new and existing homes. Programs administered and implemented by RSR include the following.




Minnesota Energy Resources (MER) Home Energy Excellence Program

MER’s Home Energy Excellence Program provides support to builders who build houses for MER gas customers and who are committed to improving the energy efficiency of the homes they build. RSR began collaboration with MER in 2011. The goal of the program is to improve the nationally recognized Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rating by at least 8%. RSR and its qualified and certified rater staff support MER builders with building science consulting, performing three on-site inspections at each enrolled house, and providing a HERS score that compares the MER builder home with a typical new home in the same area.



Xcel Energy ENERGY STAR New Homes Program in Colorado

The Colorado Xcel Energy ENERGY STAR New Homes Program was introduced in Colorado in 2009. As a building science consultant RSR has implemented the program since that time providing clear and systematic home building guidelines to builders wishing to participate in the program and receive rebates. This program receives an overwhelming level of participation that surpasses and increases goals each year.



Nicor Gas and ComEd Residential New Construction Service in Illinois

The Residential New Construction Service is jointly offered by Nicor Gas and ComEd. Their goal is to construct homes that are at least 20% more energy efficient than what the current Illinois Code requires. The Residential New Construction Service uses the HERS rating score to make the comparison. This program also provides homeowners with a certificate which details the HERS Index and energy savings for their home. RSR has been the implementation contractor for Nicor Gas and ComEd since 2012.