When building or remodeling a home, costs can multiply pretty quickly. Fortunately, enrolling in energy efficiency programs like ENERGY STAR can provide builders significant tax rebates and even help homeowners qualify for a low-cost energy efficiency mortgage. In order to make sure builders qualify for those tax rebates and mortgages, an in-depth energy performance assessment – the full home energy rating – is necessary.

Conducted by contracted RESNET Home Energy Raters, energy ratings are measured by a HERS Index Score. This score is an index showing how the home ranks in terms of energy efficiency when compared to a standard code-built home. The rating process during a new home build includes framing, post-insulation, and final inspections to assure that subcontractors are following best practices and that the house performs to expectations. The inspection includes an infrared camera review, blower-door testing, and duct leakage testing to determine areas of possible air and moisture leakage.

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